Congratulations on Your New Home!

Now that all the details of your home purchase are a distant memory, you can move in, personalize your space for you and your family, and enjoy! Here are a few thoughts to help you customize, and keep your home in great shape.


You are all moved in and are focused on creating your home. Congratulations! To protect your investment, don’t forget to schedule annual maintenance tasks to keep your home in top shape. Or schedule a Maintenance Inspection if you need some help.


Home Insurance Tips

You’ve gotten through escrow, loans, and all the home-buying paperwork. Home Insurance is the last hurdle! Here are some tips and FAQs to help you consider your options.

Life Expectancy

Everything in your home has a life expectancy. This chart gives some guidelines on most of your home’s components so you can plan for future expenses and replacements before they become bigger problems.

DIY Remodeling

One of the best things about home-ownership is that you can shape your new home any way you want! If you’re on a budget and want to try your hand at DIY, check out our blog featuring DIY home improvement and renovations.